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Preorder your Shirts here

Preorder Now and Support Our Youth Program! 

 Limited availability

Get ready to rock the latest LaBori Boxing merch! When you preorder any item from our collection for just $30, you will also receive a complimentary adult class.


Every cent from your purchase goes towards supporting our mission to empower and uplift the youth in our community.


To place your preorder and show your support, simply fill out the form below and follow the instructions to checkout.


Don't miss your chance to be part of this incredible initiative and make a lasting impact!

With the purchase of each shirt you're invited to try one of our adult classes for free. 

Pre-order deadline: August 22, 2023


Pre-ordered shirts will be available for pickup at LaBori Boxing during classes, one week after the pre-sale ends (5440 E Grand Ave, Dallas, TX)

Order a LaBori Shirt Now

$30 each, and you get one complimentary Adult Class with each shirt

In the text field under the shirt styles you prefer, specify the amount and sizes you would like to order, for example:

1 Small and 2 Mediums 

2 XL, 1 M

1Youth Large and one M

oversize t front_edited.jpg
oversize t back_edited.jpg
spray tank crop front_edited.jpg
spray tank crop back_edited.jpg
Screenshot crop front_edited.jpg
Screenshot crop back_edited.jpg
spray tank front_edited.jpg
spray tank back_edited.jpg

If you are finished with your order, click the Order Now button below.

You will then be redirected to Clover where you can pay for the order.

Please modify the payment amount to reflect your order total.

1 shirt = $30

2 shirts = $60

3 shirts = $90

... etc

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