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LaBori Boxing is a nonprofit organization providing after school programs for middle and high school youth in the
East Dallas community.
At LaBori Boxing our goal is to provide a space where students can practice discipline, commitment, and perseverance through the sport of boxing. The STEM component of the program aims to expose students to careers in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math through conversations with professionals in these areas.

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Words from our Director and Founder:

Why boxing? 

“Because there is no better stress reliever than hitting a bag, and there is no better confidence builder than feeling yourself getting stronger and better after each training session… and if we can teach our students to regulate stress and to build confidence, they’ll be unstoppable.”


Why STEM? 

“I am a neuroscientist by training and have a huge passion for science, but when I started my academic training I noticed that there is a big gap in knowledge and opportunities in the STEM fields for minorities. I want to expose our students to the beautiful world of STEM early on so they can be better equipped when it comes to making academic and professional decisions in the future.”

Interested in joining the Youth Program?

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